Now that Selena Gomez has had time to let Justin Bieber’s shocking engagement news sink in, she’s struggling with mixed feelings about the ordeal.

Just four months after Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s last breakup, he’s now engaged to Hailey Baldwin — and Selena has a lot of different feelings about it. “One second she won’t care, and the next she has it on her mind,” a source close to the singer tells EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s finally sinking in that everything that happened between her and Justin is officially over, and it’s an odd feeling to actually have an ending to it all. But Selena hopes to get to a point where she looks back on her time with Justin fondly and moves on. At the end of the day, she only wants the best for him.”

Luckily, Selena has been surrounded by friends and keeping busy since Justin proposed to Hailey on July 7 in the Bahamas. Sel has been in New York City with her friends, including Caleb Stevens, who she seems to be spending a bit of time with lately. Even though he’s one of her best friend’s brothers, some fans have speculated that maybe there’s something more going on between the two! Justin and Hailey also just arrived in the Big Apple on July 10, so luckily it’s a big city with a very slim chance of an awkward run-in!

In case you’ve lost track in the midst of the Biebs’ crazy love life, he and Hailey first started dating at the end of 2015. It only lasted for a few months, and they went through a pretty lengthy period of not even being friends after the split. They recently rekindled the friendship, though, and it got romantic again in June during a trip to Miami. They’ve been inseparable ever since!

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