Suns out buns out! ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell stripped down naked for a poolside break and we’ve got the pic that fans are going wild over.

When you take a vacation to the desert of Palm Springs in July, it’s a guarantee that the temps will be well over 100 degrees. Arrow star Stephen Amell must be a fan of the heat as he and his family are on a getaway out there. Since is so darn hot, there’s only two things he could do to cool off — take a dip in a pool or get naked. Stephen decided to do both! The 37-year-old posted a photo to his Instagram on July 2 staring off into space while sitting pooside completely in the nude. He has one leg in the water while holding a drink in one hand, with his other leg crossed to as to protect his manhood.

“It might not look like it, but I’ve been making major life decisions all afternoon,” he captioned the cheeky pic. Just one hour before he already had fans pulses racing by posting an IG photo of him from behind that showed off his toned butt in a pair of super short swim trunks. Stephen captioned that photo, “My buddy Eddie bought me these swim trunks as a joke because we both cried watching Call Me By Your Name together. Well.. jokes on you Eddie because I f**king love them.”  An hour later the shorts were off and he was in the buff!

There’s a good reason that Stephen’s butt is looking so good, as until recently the show aired at 9pm and allowed fans to see Oliver Queen’s naked backside on Arrow. But the CW has announced that the show is moving to 8pm and that means no more butt shots. Stephen even cracked a joke about in, tweeting on June 28,  Would have appreciated a heads up that Arrow is moving back to 8 pm before I reeled off 8,000 squats in anticipation of showing my full bum on television.” HAH!

Stephen Amell

Stephen’s not the only member of the Arrow family who likes getting naked and sharing it on social media. Former star Colton Haynes, 29, loves dropping trou on Instagram. He especially likes posing nude whenever there is a full moon, as he does the same by showing off his own full moon!

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