How is this possible?! Elizabeth Hurley posted another bikini pic to Instagram, and it’s her sexiest yet! See the hot AF pic here!

Another day, another bikini pic on Elizabeth Hurley‘s Instagram page! The Royals star is 53 years old, but if you told us she was 33, we’d totally believe you. In her latest poolside shot, captioned “Summer,” Elizabeth is showing off her incredible physique and a sexy bikini from her Elizabeth Hurley Beachswimwear line. She’s lying on her side and has her legs spread wide, while she gives the camera a peace sign. Talk about effective advertising! So, if we buy a swimsuit from her line, will we look like that?

Her last bikini session happened on June 29, when she managed to wear less than she did in this new pic! While this was another ad for her namesake beachwear line, you could barely see it. That’s because she was wearing nude bikini bottoms — and literally nothing else! Well, almost. She skirted Instagram’s nudity policy by covering her chest with a wide-brimmed straw hat!.

Even when Liz does wear something besides a bikini at the beach, she still manages to bring the hotness. Recently, she wore a coverup — again, from her own line — but appeared to not be wearing anything else under her caftan. The orange garment was almost completely sheer, revealing her nipples. The bottom is bunched up, so it’s not too scandalous. Still, what a bold look for someone in their fifties!

Elizabeth Hurley in Bikini
Courtesy of Instagram

While she always looks bangin’, her sartorial choices sometimes get her in trouble. She faced criticism for wearing a provocative outfit (a sexy maid outfit) while spending time with her teenage son. On her Instagram, critics commented things like, “It’s not normal for a 50-year-old woman to dress like that with her son of 20 years plus. If you think it is I’d have a word.” Turns out it was a costume for her TV show!

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