Wells Adams wanted to surprise GF Sarah Hyland with a romantic tropical getaway. Only the couple ended up being flown to the wrong island in a 36 hour travel nightmare.

Talk about a stressful birthday! Wells Adams whisked away his girlfriend of one year Sarah Hyland to a tropical island paradise for her 28th birthday, but the trip getting there was a nightmare. On Nov. 24 the former Bachelorette alum posted an Instagram pic of the couple in the snow wrote “It’s that can’t-eat, can’t-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of stuff. Happy birthday @sarahhyland! You’re perfect and I love you most. Now pack your bags, cus baby, we’re jumping on a plane and heading down to the islands tomorrow!” It sounds like he had it all planned out so what could possibly go wrong?

Well, apparently everything and weather wasn’t even an issue. Wells didn’t reveal the exact destination where they were headed, but from the travel time involved and that multiple islands were involved, it was likely somewhere in French Polynesia. On Nov. 26 after 24 hours of air travel, the couple ended up at a hotel….on the WRONG ISLAND! The Modern Family star took to her IG stories where she was wearing her glasses and looking completely exhausted.

“We finally made it to a hotel room, we’re not at our final destination,” she said. “But 24 hours later, we finally have a place to lay our heads. For those wondering, it wasn’t the weather. If it was the weather, I wouldn’t be pissed.” By morning the couple was on a small propeller plane headed to the correct paradise. Wells posted an IG story showing the pair in the tiny aircraft and said “After being delayed and flying for 24 hours and being sent to the wrong island, we’re going to the right place!”

Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams

Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams

They finally arrived on the island that Wells had intended all along, but not even the weather was willing to cooperate. Sarah shared another IG story pic with clouds in the sky and raindrops falling into their private oceanside pool. “Not that sunny and kinda rainy but we made it!!!” Sarah captioned the pic. She then showed a video of just how hard it was pouring on them. But all was well in the end, as a bright rainbow came out at the end of the day, which was just what Sarah needed. She drew a big heart around it and shared the pic on her stories, showing how despite 36 hours of travel and a rainstorm once they arrived, Sarah and Wells were finally alone together in a romantic paradise.

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