If you are having a bad day, watch these videos of Salman’s ROFL moments on Bigg Boss 10 that we have put together for you
We have to admit that when it was first announced that the gimmick for Bigg Boss 10 would be the introduction of aam aadmi as contestants, we were a little doubtful of just how well that would work. But the concept has worked and the viewers are definitely liking the mix of celebrity and non-celebrity contestants inside the house. However, this isn’t the only reason why Bigg Boss 10 has interest of the masses. There is of course host Salman Khan, who like every year is making sure to keep us entertained, but it’s his banter with one of the commoners Om Swami that is making everyone go berserk.

Right from the pilot episode of Bigg Boss 10, Salman has been tripping on the self styled Godman, who has clearly amused the Kick star with his attempts at learning singing and dancing from the other contestants, especially Lopamudra Raut, Mona Lisa and Nitibha Kaul. And how can we forget his big yet funny claims of stopping a missile attack on India and walking on water? And while Swami makes Salman laugh out loud every weekend, he has also found his ticket to having immunity towards not being voted out because the BB10 host has actually asked the housemates never to nominate him. And it was because of Salman, Om Swami has been sent to a secret room instead of being eliminated this week.
The best part was Salman and Om Swami started singing songs together this weekend. The Sultan actor was impressed with the fact that the man knows all the songs.

Not just Om Swami, the infamous Jallad, who finally made his return on Bigg Boss 10 this weekend, as always managed to make Salman go ROFL. And this video below is a proof:
All in all, we might not be a big fan of Om Swami, but we definitely want him to be on the show for long just to see Salman trip on him every weekend. Mutual thoughts?

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