ABC’s ‘Dirty Dancing’ remake was a total dud if you took one look at the reaction Twitter. Fans went absolutely nuts about how the attempt to recreate the iconic film fell completely flat, and the memes about it are absolutely priceless!
Ouch! We’re sure everyone involved in the ABC’s remake of Dirty Dancing had all of the best intentions, and the cast really gave it their all. But the 1987 film is SO beloved by generations of fans that any attempt to re-tell the timeless classic was bound to get tons of haters. They were out in force on Twitter as the TV movie aired on May 24, and the massive thumbs down ended up creating some hilarious memes. Poor Colt Prattes, 31, had the unenviable task of stepping into the late Patrick Swayze‘s dance shoes. So many people kept posting GIF’s of Patrick as Johnny to remind themselves of how special he was in the original film. Some joked that it was better that he’s no longer with us to have witnessed what was done to his most famous role.

Abigail Breslin, 21, look over the role of Baby, made famous by Jennifer Grey, 57, and fans just couldn’t stop posting GIFs from the original film remembering her epic scene dancing by herself on a boat deck. Seriously, Baby and Johnny’s love story and the actors from the original film were just such total perfection that it was going to be an uphill battle to win over fans for the remake.

One Twitter user named Reese put it very succinctly, tweeting “Please put baby in the corner. Turn off the lights. Close the door. And never look back.” Another user named Anne tweeted a prediction that, “Netflix will explode tomorrow nite with everyone watching the original version to erase the memory of tonite!!” Ouch, but probably true..

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