Movie sets are often the breeding ground for feuds. The Rock and Vin Diesel have been at odds on the ‘FF8’ set and it’s got us thinking about more of the co-star catfights that have shocked us all. Check them out now!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 44, had everyone talking when he posted a brutal Facebook rant that took aim at his Fast 8 male co-stars. He said some of his co-stars were “candy a**ses” and “too chicken sh*t” to act like men. His tirade was reportedly directed at Vin Diesel, 49, and the two co-stars had a secret meeting to settle their differences.

In a cryptic Instagram video, Vin promised to spill “everything.” He didn’t come right out and talk about his feud with The Rock, but it’s pretty obvious that’s what he was referring to. The beef is definitely strong between Vin and The Rock, and it doesn’t seem to be settling down any time soon.

Everyone loves Rachel McAdams, 37, and Ryan Gosling, 35. The two fell in love both on screen and off, becoming one of the most beloved Hollywood couples. However, they didn’t always like each other. While filming The Notebook, director Nick Cassavetes, 57, revealed that Ryan wanted to kick Rachel off the set because he didn’t like her!

The two ended up “screaming and yelling at each other” on the set, but getting their beef out in the open helped them put aside their differences. They didn’t stay mad at each other for long — they ended up falling for each other!

It’s hard to imagine Channing Tatum, 36, not liking someone, but he really doesn’t like Alex Pettyfer, 26. The two Magic Mike co-stars reportedly got into huge fights on the set. Their bad blood was so real — Alex wasn’t in Magic Mike XXL!

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