Stardom comes with a fair share of pros and cons and noone knows it better than our Bollywood superstars! Recently, Katrina Kaif wrapped up the Da-bangg tour and things went a little embarrassing when the actress faced the wrath of fans, waiting for the celebs to take a selfie! It all started after Katrina Kaif was done & dusted with her show in Vancouver, and while coming out of her hotel, she saw few fans gathered outside the venue. Since she was exhausted, she requested the fans to wait for fifteen minutes as she wanted to take a quick nap. But it seems fans were anything but patient and they ended up lashing out at Katrina!
Katrina Deals With ‘Rude’ Fans Seeing Katrina leaving the hotel, fans started shouting, “We don’t want to take a pic with you! Booo!” However, Katrina didn’t lose her cool and responded with utmost grace, “You know what? You shouldn’t do that, guys. I am very tired and I had a long show…”

Fans Continued To Insult Katrina The fans further started yelling at Katrina, “You need to have a better attitude. People call you an actress but when people come to meet you, ignore them.”

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