Late Inder Kumar did a lot of films with Salman Khan and shared a good relation with the superstar.
Actor Inder Kumar, best known for his roles in films like Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi and Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye, passed away on Friday (July 28) at 2 am at his residence in Andheri (Mumbai) after suffering a cardiac arrest. He had made his Bollywood debut with Masoom in 1996, opposite actress Ayesha Jhulka. He had featured in more than 20 films, including Salman Khan-starrers, Wanted (2009) and Tumko Na Bhool Payenge (2002). In Wanted, Inder played Salman’s confidante and we hear that the duo shared a similar camaraderie off screen, too.

A source now reveals that that Inder Kumar was offered Bigg Boss at one point of a time in his career. And it’s not quite difficult to believe it as the actor was indeed embroiled in a lot of controversy. He hit headlines in April 2014 after a struggling actress alleged him of raping her. Inder was arrested by the police and made to stay in prison for 45 days before he finally got bail. Kumar contended that he had a consensual relationship with the complainant. He was also said to have had a drug problem. However, the actor dismissed it saying it was simply a matter of taking painkillers for a back problem. The actor had revealed in an interview that he was left with no work, house or money after the case.

As we know, Bigg Boss makers have always tried to rope in celebrities who have had a controversial past. Inder perfectly fitted the bill and hence he was even approached to do the show. But Inder turned down the offer on close friend Salman Khan‘s advice. Actually, Salman was aware about his health conditions and didn’t want him to exert himself. The superstar had been hosting the show for some time and he knew how demanding the show was. He, hence, advised him not to take it up. Considering his grim financial situation at that point of time, we are sure it might not have been an easy choice for Inder. But the fact that he still went with Salman’s advice speaks volumes about their friendship.

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