Rakhi Sawant talks about Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swami
Rakhi Sawant rose to enormous fame after her stint on Bigg Boss season 1. She was so popular amongst the fans that after getting eliminated from the show, she was brought back as a wild card entrant. Bigg Boss is now in its 10th season, but Rakhi still remains one of the most popular contestants. There has been no one so far who could match the crazy antics of Rakhi Sawant. But in season 10 we might have a contender. Om Swami is hands down the most controversial contestant in this season of Bigg Boss. We recently met Rakhi at the launch of her web series Rakhi in Khaki, and asked a few questions about Bigg Boss. She confirmed that she is indeed following Bigg Boss this year as well, and would love to join the show if called back. But she also said that sexist, misogynist Om Swami should stay till the end. And here is why-

On being asked who is her favorite contestant in this season, she said that no one is her favourite but Manu Punjabi, Manveer Gurjar, and Om Swami are good. When asked if she is liking Om Swami in the house, cuz clearly he is the most hated one amongst all, she said she doesn’t like him, but rather finds him irritating and would make his life miserable if she was in the house with him. When asked to predict the next eliminations she says anyone but Swami ji. “Anyone but Om Swami should get eliminated. He should stay in the game with his lungi till the end to keep us all entertained.” she said.
We obviously questioned if she wanted Om Swami to win! Here is when she just said no. C’mon Rakhi where is the fire? These answers are so not the entraining Rakhi Sawant we know.

And BTW, there is a sad news for you Rakhi and for all Om Swami fans. A Delhi court has issued a non-bailable warrant against the self proclaimed Godman, over a case filed by his own brother on charges of theft. Om Swami has to appear before the court in December 3, so might be leaving the show soon. Let’s see what happens. I am quite happy as this is the limit I could stand this man.

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