In Pictures: You cannot miss Deepika Padukone’s mind boggling style evolution

Deepika Padukone celebrates her 32nd birthday today and it’s been 10 long years since the day she made her big Bollywood debut. Starring opposite Shah Rukh Khan in your first ever movie is nothing less than a dream come true for any actress and DP was damn lucky in that department. A successful journey from being a model to Bollywood’s A-lister and a top actress, Deepika has been a source of inspiration for so many. With oodles of charm as her ammo, she was always born to rule and live life king size. Though she had her own fair share of success and failures, Deepika has always managed to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. From being a shy outsider to the queen of everyone’s hearts, Ms Padukone’s style evolution is not just interesting but admirable at the same time. Ask us to name one reason why we adore her so much and we can give you hundreds instead.
Deepika Padukone may or may not be Bollywood’s ruling fashionista but her style evolution has struck a chord with us time and again. She was always a good dresser but her red carpet evolution over the years has been riveting. From playing it safe to going out all bold, Deepika has definitely come a long way and her style play is often unparalleled. Choosing to ignore all the fashion pundits who severely bash her for her outings and believing in her own taste, Deepika has always been stubborn in that department. She handles criticism in a way that doesn’t affect her peace. She isn’t a soul to bend or tame. Deepika is in fact known for making some unconventional designs look so hot, thanks to her tall and athletic body frame. Since the time she marked her B-town debut in 2007 to present day, Deepika’s red carpet and casual outings have undergone massive change and we mean it in a good way. From opting for all-black attires to everything shimmer and sheer, her transformation has been mind boggling. On the occasion of this pretty actress’ 32nd birthday, we decode how exactly she evolved in this fashion game, one step at a time. From 2007 to 2017, below is Deepika’s style modification that deserves your attention and a little bit of cheering too!
Year 2007 – When it was all about playing safe! Well, she was still getting Bollywood ready…
Year 2008 – When Ms Padukone was trying her hand at red carpet outings
Year 2009 – She was still playing safe with colour but experimenting with silhouettes


Year 2017 – Sheer game had just begun and Deepika was just taking her first few steps to mark an everlasting impact

Deepika’s style file in these ten long years is nothing less than a thesis topic for some fashion connoisseurs like us. We worship her what she is and you need to be incredibly talented to make it so far in the industry. With that killer smile, infectious persona, tall frame and hot bod, Deepika Padukone undoubtedly deserves the tag of being Bollywood’s next Dream Girl. Period.

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