Shahid Kapoor does not approve of Jhanvi Kapoor as Ishaan’s girlfriend? Read on to get the full update here…
Now that star kids are gradually making their way into Bollywood, there’s a lot being written about them already. One such hot scoop is on how Sridevi’s daughter Jhanvi Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor’s brother Ishaan Khattar are secretly dating. Yes, it all started after the two got spotted together on a couple of dinner and movie dates. Although it isn’t a big deal for both are young and it’s okay to hang out together but turns out Ishaan’s doting brother Shahid isn’t very pleased with these linkup rumours, ahead of Ishaan’s movie debut.

According to MidDay report, Shahid recently had a heart to heart conversation with Ishaan warning him to keep his personal life discreet so that it doesn’t take the focus away from his debut film, Majidi Majidi’s Beyond The Clouds. Shahid believes such rumours can also prove damaging for his career. Fair enough or too strict as a brother? You can draw your conclusions in the comments below but it’s interesting how carefully Sasha is guiding Ishaan.

More recently, Shahid had also spoken at length about how Ishaan has an advantage of growing up with him. He said, “I have been working for 13 years. Ishaan was nine when I became an actor. He has pretty much spent his entire childhood accompanying me to my shoots or shows, so he has seen the entire process. He is fortunate to have seen all of this and grown up around it. I am sure there is a lot that Ishaan has seen and learnt [from me]. That’s why I feel that he will probably be really good [when he starts working]. He is lucky and he should make the most of it. I am sure he will. But eventually, everyone’s journey is their own. Ishaan is really fortunate that he is being noticed and getting opportunities. He needs to do a great job, which he will.”

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