To half-quote Woody Allen, “Showing up is 80%,” and last night Logan leading man Hugh Jackman did more than that, as he surprised fans and took photos with them at several AMC Manhattan theaters including the Lincoln Square 13, Empire 25 and Village 7.
‘Logan’ Is A Box Office Monster On Thursday Night
Jackman’s appearance was kept tightly under wraps as the actor truly wanted to be there to thank fans for coming out to enjoy the movie. Last night, 20th Century Fox/Marvel’s Logan made $9.5 million, the third-highest preview night ever for a R-rated movie after Deadpool and The Hangover II. Logan also beat the first night’s cash of such Marvel titles as Doctor Strange and X-Men: Apocalypse. Logan is eyeing an opening north of $70M this weekend.
During the millennial cinematic superhero era, it’s become a tradition for the leading stars of comic-book films to meet-and-greet fans during opening weekend, or the run-up to their tentpoles. In the past, Robert Downey Jr. has shown up at charity screenings in New York City for Iron Man 3 and Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and last year Ryan Reynolds made appearances during Deadpool screenings.
There’s no question about it: Jackman is Logan‘s social media star. RelishMix reports the actor counts more than 41M fans across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and he continually shares behind-the-scenes materials from his press tours and authentic items, like a fan-made mural he saw of Logan on the street in Australia. The Logan trailer earned 1M views on Jackman’s page, which is very strong per the social media monitor.

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