Kylie Jenner Goes Back To Cornrows In Nude Bikini — See Her Latest Hair Makeover

Another day, another hairstyle for Kylie Jenner! The reality TV star shared an Instagram selfie sporting a tiny nude bikini with her hair back to black and styled into cornrows. Get the details on Kylie’s latest look, ahead.

Kylie Jenner, 18, is bringing back her braids. The hair chameleon never keeps one style for long and just a day after sporting long, dark blue locks with bangs, Kylie showed off a sleek braided look she’s worn many times before.

Kylie’s hair switch-ups are nothing new, but she’s been working overtime this week with her looks. On June 14th, Kylie’s short hair magically grew several inches and was a dark blue color. Then, before her cornrows pic on June 15th, Kylie was back to her dark brunette color on Snapchat, keeping the length to her look.

Kylie shared a bathroom selfie , sans caption, with her hair in rows of slicked back braids. To complete her look, Kylie wore a barely-there nude bikini that blended right in with her natural skin tone.

While Kylie has paired her cornrows with bikinis in the past, she’s also worn the hairstyle for photo shoots. Most recently giving us a behind-the-scenes peek at her upcoming Puma shoot, we’re wondering if this style was for an upcoming project, too.

Braids have pretty much been the Kardashian-Jenner hairstyle of choice this past year, with Kylie’s big sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian wearing the sleek style even more than Kylie. Kim even shared a video how-to on getting what she referred to as her boxer braids. Revealing that her hairstylist uses Gorilla Snot Gel, which admittedly sounds pretty gross, Kim’s stylist swears the gel helps to slick back your hair for a cleaner finish.

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