So close, Deepika Padukone! The diva made her debut at the Met Gala as she wore one helluva outfit! We must say, after all the risks she has taken at various red carpets, DP might’ve said, “That’s enough” and opted for a rather vanilla appearance. With a low back and gorgeous makeup, there was nothing really wrong with the look. However, it was the hair game that made us cringe quite a lot. Just look at it! The starry pins on her hair seem like she’s dressed for a South Indian wedding. Oh yes, we do love some flowers on our tresses! Styled by Harry Josh, the was her hair was styled, was a total turn off. Let’s break the look so we can tell you exactly what went wrong here.

The outfit is unbelievably good. It’s simple, has a lovely low back, a slit that is not too much or too less. Apart from that, even the makeup is done to perfection. So as you can see, she has gone for a rather vanilla look with nothing very striking. However, with a view to add some spunk to her ensemble, she chose to “decorate” her hair with those starry pins. While it does give a little princessy feel to the whole appearance, we feel it doesn’t have an edge that she was rooting for. The hairstyle simply looks comical than sultry or gorgeous. Instead, we feel that if she had just tried a nice waterfall braid or maybe opted for wavy tresses, the look would’ve been more lovely. Check out her pics from the Gala. Oh and she rubbed shoulders with Tommy Hilfiger and his wife at the Met Gala!





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