What’s going on here? Meghan wore a black coat dress on Armistice Day, but her nude tights stole the show — for all the wrong reasons. Take a look!

Oops! Meghan Markle, 37, looked gorgeous at the Festival of Rememberance on Nov. 10 with the other royals, but her wardrobe malfunction stole the show. That’s because the mom-to-be spilled something on her nude pantyhose so splotches could be seen rising up her foot to her shin. Not even her cute black pumps or the baby bump hidden beneath her matching coat dress could distract from the random wet marks. It looked like Meghan’s right leg had been out in the rain — or was the victim of a nasty spill. As far as wardrobe malfunctions go, it’s tame — and super relatable — so we hope Meghan isn’t beating herself up over the pics!

Still, fans have a lot to say regarding her nude tights, but not just about the fact that she clearly spilled on them. Every time she wears pantyhose, people have wondered why the former actress is even wearing them at all! While it’s widely believed that the Queen doesn’t like the royals to show off their bare legs, Meghan has ignored that alleged rule time and time again. And when she has stepped out in tights, many have found them to be too light. “Everyone was going mad when Meghan Markle didn’t wear tights even tho she’s a royal,” one Twitter user wrote. “B*tch do you know how hard it is to find tights that match your skin colour when you’re not white?”

Another added, “Things that upset me #1: the horrible waxy corpse-like beige tights Meghan Markle has been bullied into wearing by the royal family.”

Meghan markle wardrobe malfunction wet tights

Meghan markle wardrobe malfunction wet tights

Maybe this spillage incident will mark the end of Meghan’s pantyhose attempts? She didn’t wear tights before she married Prince Harry, 34, and every time she has since the wedding has only caused controversy.

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