Bollywood stars and their obsession is a subject apt for thesis. They love to splurge on the things they desire and there’s no harm in that. While some have a fetish for bags, others love footwear. The saying, ‘I am too sexy for my shoes’ wasn’t actually coined for celebs like them. Earlier we heard Celina Jaitley confess her love for footwear, when she revealed that she owns more than a 100 pairs. Later, it was Priyanka Chopra, who followed suit, and revealed the number of pairs she owns. It was a bit too much. Yes, having 120 pairs of footwear is astonishing and we wonder if she has a walk in closet especially for her footwear. While we understand the obsession when it comes to ladies, guys usually take a chill pill when it comes to it. But not someone like Shahid Kapoor.

Sasha is fashionably inclined and loves to dress for the occasion. His love for fashion and shoes is evident from his various Instagram stories and we better not comment on that. So when the star’s wife, Mira, revealed the exact number of shoes he owns, it wasn’t a surprise to say the least. Gracing Neha Dhupia’s talk show, BFFs with Vogue with Shahid, Mira revealed that her hubby is a shoe fanatic. Ask her how many pairs he owns and she said, “50-60.” And mind you, the number is sans any of the actor’s white sneakers. There’s a separate department for the actor’s obsession with white sneakers and if she combines them together, the number would be bigger than before. Phew!
Shahid and Mira were literally on a roll when they made some stunning revelations one after the other. From Shahid being a control freak in bed to revealing he had the worst time on the sets of Shaandaar, this couple didn’t mince their words. Only if all couples were so daring and interesting with their answers.

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