Aamir Khan is not in a happy mode lately and it is because of Thugs Of Hindostan
Aamir Khan is really angry. Why? His look from Thugs Of Hindostan was the talking point last week and now he is fuming over it. He is deeply disturbed that images from the sets are getting leaked. If you remember we have shared with you the image of a very dishevelled and messed up looking Aamir on the sets. Many compared his look to Game Of Thrones’ Tyrion Lannister and there were few who approved of it as well. In fact, we were pretty excited to see it but Aamir wasn’t amused at all. Resultant? Well we last heard the actor is busy beefing up security on the sets of the film so that further such leaks can be curtailed.
We can understand his anxiety. Thugs Of Hindostan is a Diwali release of 2018 and everyone is pretty kicked about it. Of course, Aamir wants to build as much curiosity around it as possible but you know Mr. Khan, there is a saying curiosity kills the cat. Guess that’s what happened here. Your look got leaked and now you know what to do next. Honestly, it was really difficult to spot Aamir in the picture. His look was so different that you will take time to figure out. And guess that’s the reason he is being super cautious about it.

A few days back, DNA had reported that Amitabh Bachchan, who is also part of the film, and Aamir will have a massive sword fight in the film. “The action sequence being filmed in Mumbai is elaborate. Both, Bachchan and Aamir, are currently preparing for the tough task with the action-director, as both are famous for doing their own stunts. Since the two are known to be perfectionists, the scene is expected to be quite a highlight in this lavish film,” a source revealed to the daily. We wonder if this image was from that scene!

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