The announcement trailer for Death Stranding, the new game coming from Hideo Kojima, Norman Reedus, and Sony Entertainment was released Monday night. The game trailer premiered at Sony’s PlayStation E3 Press Conference, revealing the long-rumored collaboration.

watch here..

Kojima Productions is now an independent effort, though he’s working with Sony to publish the PS4 exclusive.
After an announcement declaring Hideo Kojima one of the most creative talents in the history of gaming, he came out onto the stage himself.

“Hello everyone. I’m back!” he said to thunderous applause. “Today we bring something new we made for you, and this is all running in real time. Enjoy.”

A trailer ran with a quote from William Blake starting it off. Sony Interactive Entertainment, Kojima Productions. A bunch of dead crabs are on an incredibly detailed ground. Hand prints of oil start to appear. A man lies naked on the ground, he’s attached to a baby by an electronic cord, he picks the child up – it’s Norman Reedus. He’s crying, and suddenly the child is gone, but his hands are covered in oil. He has a scar on his stomach, over where his bely button should be. He stands naked on a beach, dead sea life everywhere, and five humanoids are floating in the air in the distance. “A Hideo Kojima Game. Norman Reedus in: Death Stranding.”

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