Oh my gosh, we can’t stop laughing at the new Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton kimojis! Kim Kardashian revealed the newest update to her famous emojis on Sept. 13, and the presidential nominees got the ugly crying face treatment. See the hilarious cartoons, right here.

Kim Kardashian gave Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton the Presidential Treatment — in the app store, at least! The reality star updated her top-selling Kimoji app on Sept. 13, and there were some familiar faces in the line-up, although we decidedly unfamiliar expressions!

That’s right, Donald, Hillary, and even President Barack Obama got an “ugly cry” makeover. The politicians are all making Kim’s famous sobbing face, and the results are totally hilarious! We must admit, Donald’s is our favorite because his is just so goofy and realistic! (Plus we might low-key enjoy seeing The Donald shed a tear or two.)

Kim has been known to push the envelope with her kimojis. When they first came out, we were totally shocked by how sexual they all were! From a cream-covered peach to a cartoon-version of her big ol’ booty, they were sexy, sexy, sexy! Obviously she’s taken a different angle with the new presidential ones, but we love it.

It’s nice to see a fun take on the elections, because it has been so serious and heavy lately. From Hillary’s shocking medical episode at a 9/11 memorial service to Donald’s vicious racist comments, it’s been hard to make light of anything lately. We love how Kim poked fun at the race in a way that’s silly, light-hearted and fair. You go girl!

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