Melania Trump doesn’t seem to be very happy with her husband Donald Trump, but we have EXCLUSIVE details on why she doesn’t plan on divorcing him anytime soon!

For most women, cheating is a deal breaker, but, most women aren’t married to the POTUS. Lucky for us, right? After Donald Trump’s alleged cheating scandal with porn star Stormy Daniels was exposed, many thought Melania Trump would file for divorce. Turns out, it’s complicated! “Regardless of any animosity between the two, she will not seek any type of divorce with Donald while he is in office. She is focused solely on Barron and his well being and will not do anything to disrupt that or get in the way that. So something as big as divorce would be astronomical at any time, but while Donald was in office would be something even Melania wouldn’t want to take part in,”a source close to Melania tells HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY. We certainly can understand Melania wanting to stick around for the sake of her son. After all, children do come first!

Although Melania can’t get a divorce now, she’s had no problem making Donald feel her wrath. As we previously reported, Melania has been spotted throwing major shade at her famous husband, and we can’t get over it! Her most recent instances include refusing to hold his hand in public and rolling her eyes at him after he happily greeted a bunch of cheerleaders at his Super Bowl party on Feb. 4. She also arrived to the Trump’s first State of the Union address alone, and wore the color white while many politicians wore black in solidarity with the Me Too movement. We guess that’s the only way she can get back at Donald without drawing too much attention to herself.

Nevertheless, if Melania is planning on waiting until after Trump is no longer in office to get a divorce, it’s going to be a long 3 years — and that’s if he doesn’t get re-elected. We can only hope that behind the scenes, she lets Donald have a piece of her mind. Because we can all agree he needs a little talking to, right?

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