Look which Khan has just come out in support of Kapil Sharma in his fight against corruption….

Kapil Sharma’s controversial tweet to PM Narendra Modi has certainly backfired big time. While his intention was to only inform how a BMC officer forced him to pay a bribe of Rs 5 lakh, despite diligently paying Rs 15 crore tax every year. Little did he expect his this tweet will further drag him into a legal fuss that’s only going to go from bad to worse. No seriously! I mean, what started on a complainant note has now made Kapil the prime accused? Now was that the motive behind all of this? Definitely not! Which explains why Salman Khan’s brothers Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan too have now stepped forward in support of Sharma. That’s right!

At an event yesterday, Arbaaz was furious at the way how our society is dealing with the term, “freedom of expression”. He said, “Every citizen in our country has their own views on politics and they know the consequences they have to face on expressing their view. If Kapil has given any inappropriate statement, he is ready to face that. Everyday, someone says something and without making a correct meaning, people start misinterpreting. We say we should have freedom of expression but when we express, others start attacking. Let’s allow him to express his opinion. You agree or disagree but leave him with his statement. Why crucify? Instead of standing with him for an issue like corruption, people have started accusing him. Sohail Khan too added in support stating, “Everyone has their own personal experience. I have known Kapil for long. He is one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met in my life.”

Let’s see how Kapil escapes this self-invited mess. Not to forget, the police officials have clarified that Kapil won’t be straightaway arrested on the basis of BMC’s allegation claiming he engaged in illegal construction at his new office in Oshiwara. A senior police official in his statement today revealed“Supreme Court directions forbid us from making immediate arrests. The actors will have to submit an explanation which will be analyzed and scrutinized by our officers. Statements of the actors will be recorded. We will verify whether their submission fits what’s legal. A final report will then be prepared,”

“As of now, we have posted police teams at the highrise, DLH Enclave, to ensure that further alterations are not made and also to avert any law and order problems. We are yet to meet the two actors in person to serve them notices. The documentation is being prepared” , said another official by also referring to Irrfan Khan who has been sent similar notice for illegal construction!

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