“I just wish him so much goodness,” she said of her former co-star, who recently brought up the pair’s 2008 squabble.
Katherine Heigl is aware of Seth Rogen’s recent comments about their public “feud” following the 2007 hit comedy Knocked Up, and now she’s clearing the air.

“I think that he’s handled that so beautifully, and I just feel nothing but love and respect,” the actress said at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour — where she was promoting her new CBS legal drama Doubt — when asked how she felt about Rogen recently dredging up the past.

“It’s so long ago at this point,” she added of the pair’s drama, which started in 2008, when she called the Judd Apatow film “a little sexist” in a Vanity Fair interview. “I just wish him so much goodness — and I felt that from him, too.”

During his current press tour for the new animated comedy Sausage Party, Rogen has spoken on more than one occasion about the aftermath of the 2007 movie — first on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live! and later on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show.

“The only people who in this situation should in any way take anything from it is me and Judd because we’re the ones she was talking about. For other people to not work with her because she didn’t like her experience with us is — I think is crazy,” Rogen told Stern, later adding that neither he nor Apatow have personally heard from Heigl. “When I apologize to people, generally I don’t take a public forum to do it.”

It’s unclear whether Rogen is going to get that apology, but perhaps the two can finally bury the hatchet.

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