Kate Middleton welcomed baby Louis less than 3 months ago, but already a new report claims the duchess is pregnant once again! Alleged sources close to the royal say she’s craving ‘curry & biscuits,’ which is a ‘sign she’s expecting.’

Kate Middleton, 36, and Prince William, 36, may be expanding their family AGAIN by the end of the year! Although their third child, son Prince Louis, was born on April 23, Life & Style magazine claims Kate is expecting yet again — and this time she and William are hoping for a girl! The biggest clue for alleged sources is that Kate is reportedly craving curry and lavender biscuits, and that she’s recently been “too sick” to attend family functions. That, and the duchess has also apparently been wearing “baggy” clothing.

“Those close to Kate are saying she’s pregnant with baby number four!” the mag’s source said. “Kate is showing all the signs of pregnancy, and she and William have always said they wanted four children to complete their family. Actually, William would like five kids — but Kate thinks four is enough!” Since the pair just added a little boy into the mix, Kate is especially hoping to give Charlotte a sister. “They’d love to have two boys and two girls,” the source explained.

But not only does Kate reportedly want another daughter, she’s also big on her children all being close in age. And if the rumors are true, Louis and this alleged new baby will be even closer than George, 4 1/2, and Charlotte, 3. “It’s important to Kate for her own children to have a similar bond with their siblings, and she knows it’s more likely to happen if they’re close in age,” the insider said, referring to how close Kate is with her sister Pippa Middleton, 34.

In addition to cravings, Kate has reportedly been sporting baggier clothes than usual, and she allegedly even felt “too sick” to make an appearance at Prince Charles‘ 70th birthday party in late May. “One of the reasons for her not attending was that she was exhausted and felt sick,” the source dished. “She’s wearing loose-fitted clothing again, avoiding alcohol, and craving curry, which she often does when she’s pregnant.” Only time will tell if the rumors are true! The next time we can expect to see the royal family all together is on July 9 for baby Louis’ christening!

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