The 22-year-old ‘Sorry’ singer has certainly been adventurous recently. Justin Bieber who was visiting Cleveland to catch the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of the NBA finals was unfortunately part of a very unpleasant altercation. Justin was reportedly booed when he was shown on screen at the game and that is supposed to be the start of what led to more dramatic events.

The video which was captured by fans sees Bieber involved in a physical altercation with a much larger opponent. Apparently, Bieber was provoked into fighting by his opponent and didn’t seem to hold anything back. It looks like unless the fan who restrained Justin hadn’t arrived, Justin would have wound up seriously hurt as he showed no signs of backing down in spite of the fact that the opposition was a lot bigger, meaner and presumably stronger than him. In the video, a Golden State Warriors fan kept JB from attacking again and then Bieber ran into a girl who was standing close by who then put her hands on him in an attempt to dissuade Justin from attacking again.

After the fight, Justin is reported to have visited a few clubs around the area with one side of his face covered by a hoodie. This led many to believe that the altercation had left the singer injured or bruised in some way. However, a few hours later he Instagrammed a picture of himself that shows no signs of any visible marks or injury.

Well, we will now just have to wait and see if any news surfaces on who exactly started the fight.

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