Global icon Justin Bieber who is the favorite of millions is now scared of death. The young artist who is shocked by the recent deaths of Prince and David Bowie is apparently planning for his own funeral already. Justin who is just 22 years old is making plans for his funeral on a serious note. The Love Yourself artist is apparently making arrangements for his death day.

Justin Bieber is planning for his massive estates and is also preparing official papers for the same. The young artist has thought of a moving 3D hologram so that his music legacy lives long even after he is gone.

Reportedly, the near and dear ones of Justin are shocked by his sudden fear of death. Justin’s mother Pattie Mallette is taking his new found fear and death planning casually and is also opining that it will pass off as a whimsical phase.

It is reported that Justin Bieber is not only concerned about his funeral but he is also planning for his will. The artist will soon also decide where he wants to rest after dying!

Justin has assets worth 180 million pounds or $238 million!

The amazing star has recently delivered a couple of hits with Sorry and Love Yourself.

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