We can’t agree more that Logan storyline has ended in the most plausible way possible

“You are ‘The Greatest Showman’ in Wolverine’s clothing”, our Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has said while addressing Hugh Jackman. The latter is most popular for his role as Wolverine/Logan that he essayed for over 17 years in about nine X-Men movies; Logan being the last of it. Well, the question still lingers in the air that what made the actor walk away from such an extremely successful franchise. Hugh has revealed that it was an advice from a colleague that helped him make the call.

Talking to Variety, Hugh said that he was dining with Jerry Seinfeld and asked him what prompted him to end the successful run of his show, Seinfeld. “And, long story, he kind of said, ‘Look, I’ve always believed, creatively, you should never spend everything… because it’s almost Herculean to start up again. You should always have something in the tank. Leave the party before it gets too late kind of theory. And then somehow it spurs you into the next thing,’” Hugh revealed.

Seinfeld’s words kept ringing in Hugh’s head and on his way back to his home in a cab, he told his wife that his next X-Men film would be his last one. And that lucky project turned out to be Logan. The idea to make his last voyage that grim and real also came after the aforementioned conversation, Hugh revealed. “I woke up the next morning with this very strong idea, which [Logan director] Jim Mangold and I had been working on, of treating it not like a comic book movie in any way, treating him not like a superhero but as a human being who’s lived a life of violence and let’s make a movie about the ramifications of violence,” he explained.

Well, while we can’t agree more that Logan storyline has ended in the most plausible way possible. But there are still X-Men movies being made, next in line is X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Well, there is no X-Men without Wolverine so either another actor would have to take up the role in future or Hugh will return. Or, Dark Phoenix will lead up to the events of Logan, which would be extremely sad.

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