THE LION KING – Seeing the animated classic – “THE LION KING” from Disney come to life in the real life like animation version by Director – Jon Faverau is very commendable. It is true to the original format that comes to life in this new version. Seeing baby “Simba” the lion is cute and the kids will adore his naive and confident ways of exploring his kingdom.    The voices by James Earl Jones, Don Glover, Seth Rogen and, Beyonce are perfectly suited for the characters voices. The father and son theme has been beautifully mounted for the whole family to enjoy. But having said that, I do not want to be that stick in the mud, but I personally have a soft corner for the original animated version. After all the original is the original. In this version you know what to expect, but it is still worth watching. Overall the film gets a 3 star recommendation.

Enjoy!! – (Courtesy BEING FILMY).

By Arun Sajnani

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