SUPER 30 – After films like “Taare Zameen Par”, and “Hichki”, now comes a film called “SUPER 30”. The film tackles the topic of the Indian Education System, and how the poor children struggle to find a way to get educated. Since the 90’s the business has blossomed and doubled in having many cities develop coaching classes for affluent kids, so that they can guarantee a winning shot to get in to their choice of a top University, or an IVY League in any part of the world.    These coaching classes are like “KUMON” in the USA. Director Vikas Bahl of “Queen” fame has presented this film with sensibility and gives the audience a wake-up call on how to prepare one’s children to get educated. Based on true events in the life of mathematician, Anand Kumar, played by Hritik Roshan, delivers one of his best performances till date.His ‘Dehati” accent and the mannerisms are done with impeccable detail, To educate and open a hostel for 30 children for free, including spending his own money speaks volumes for this man.    To better a nation is to invest in getting children of the future to be skilled and self reliant. But there is always politics that creates road blocks,and that has to change. The film has an interesting concept and premise, but at times the films gets slow paced. A bit of trimming would have helped. Overall the film gets a 3 and half stars.

Go take a look. – (Courtesy BEING FILMY).

By Arun Sajnani

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