JABARIYA JODI – Bollywood is going overboard by having many themes set with, rural Birhar, Patna – India in the background. It seems while the country progresses, this part of India always digresses and appears crude with their daily social activities.     This time it deals with the topic about “Forced Couples” = “JABARIYA JODI”. Meaning, when there is a dowry that is given from a girls family at their comfortable budget to kidnap and force an educated boy to marry their daughter. Also he must be capable of being a good provider to her. You could say their is a shortage of men out there, and there is a bounty on their head for matrimony.Sounds absurd right? But this happens over there. The film looks like they have taken a germ of an idea from some news article and made it into a rom-com comedy. But the film does not go further in this concept, and lacks depth and acting.     The “Jodi” couple are weak. Siddarth Malhotra tries too hard to play a rural looking guy that listens to whatever his father – (Javed Jafri) – wants him to do, even if it is against his ideologies. As for Parineeti Chopra, she looks so zombie like and expressionless in her performance.     On a good note there are some nice songs and Javed Jafri in a negative Bihari role is believable. But the audience is here to really see the perfect “Jodi”, which “JABARIYA JODI” is not. Plus the film is very crass and noisy. The film gets a 1 and a half star recommendation.

(Courtesy BEING FILMY).

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