This is how Anup’s mom reacted to his relationship news

Anup Jalota made news on the day of Bigg Boss 12 launch when Jasleen Matharu declared that they were a couple since three years. It sent shockwaves throughout the nation. However, inside the show one did not get to see any great couple chemistry with Jasleen saying that their relationship was more of a spiritual kind. On his exit from the show, Jalota implied that the love angle was cooked by the channel. He said, “Upon entering the house, I stressed upon the fact that she was my student. Whenever questions on our relationship popped up, I always said that we were good friends. However, at no point during the show, we held each other’s hands.”

With Anup for an exclusive interview and he said, “Post my exit, I went straight to visit my mom, who is 85 years ago. The first thing she asked me is who is Jasleen. I told her that she is a ghost and there was nothing of that sort.” The singer says he is also surprised at the kind of hullabaloo that happened on social media. “I can understand people commenting on own family matters but this kind of interest in an individual’s life whom you don’t know personally is baffling. Of course, there was nothing between Jasleen and me but the interest of common public is shocking,” states the Bhajan Samrat. He also said that he is open to going inside the house as a wild card if he is called.

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