No more blonde for Brielle Biemann! The reality star dyed her hair bubblegum pink, and she showed off the makeover in an Instagram video on May 21.

Brielle Biermann has ditched her signature blonde locks for a much different color! She took to Instagram on May 21 to share a selfie video of herself with PINK hair. “Dyed my hair to match my shoes,” she wrote. “Comment & tell me if I should keep it or go back to blonde.” In the video, she also shows off her feet, which are inside a pair of pink slippers. Based on the caption, it doesn’t seem like Brielle is totally set on keeping this pink hair as a permanent look, but it’s definitely a big change from the hair we’re used to seeing on her!

Along with the pink hair, Brielle wore minimal makeup in the video, aside from some mascara and a light lip gloss. Her plump lips were still on full display, though, even without extra lip liner! Brielle has been open about the fact that she’s gotten filler in her lips, even though her mom, Kim Zolciak, wasn’t always supportive of it. “At the end of the day, with her lips, I wasn’t happy about it, but when she turned 18, I had no control over it,” Kim told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY earlier this year. “So I had two options: Either I tell her to go figure it out on her own, or I take her to the best place. And that’s what I did.”

We also spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Brielle, who told us that she plans on probably re-doing her “whole body” with plastic surgery one day. For years, fans have accused Brielle of already having various plastic surgery procedures done, but she insists that, so far, it’s only been her lips.

Kim and Brielle have always had a close relationship, and it’s no secret that they totally look like twins — although that’s changed a bit now since Brielle ditched the long blonde hair she got from her mama! Maybe Kim will just have to go pink, too!?

credit: hollywoodlife

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