Nepotism has been a hot topic these days. Many have accused Bollywood of nepotism and the fact that star kids have it easy. So when I caught up with Bobby Deol, the lead star of the recent release, Poster Boys, asked him to give his reaction on few of the Bollywood stereotypes. In a BollywoodLife exclusive, he stated, when asked if star kids have it easy, “No they don’t, it’s just a myth.”

When asked about the stereotype that the career of actresses are over once they get married. He said, “No…everything is changing now. There are a lot of actresses who have kids are still working. That was an older thing, you know. It’s a very male dominated country we live in so when women had kids they didn’t wanna look at them in a different way, so they thought we don’t wanna see them. But now people have become more broad minded, the younger generation is open to all these things, which is a nice thing.”
It was when I asked about the stereotype that two actresses cannot be friends, he retaliated that he’s not an actress, so he wouldn’t know. When I further prodded him, he said, “I’ve not noticed that.”

Earlier while talking about his character in Poster Boys at the trailer launch of the film, he said, ““It was a big challenge to speak in pure Hindi. Shreyas and I did a lot of workshops together. It was amazing how Shreyas knew everyone’s dialogues. I wanted him to say my dialogues too. It was a difficult task, but also it was a lot of fun and exciting.”

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