Bigg Boss 11 has been getting some great TRPs in recent times. The show began with a bang with the inaugural episode getting a TRP of 2.9. The presence of Salman Khan on Weekend Ka Vaar also meant that second week TRPs were 2.5. It is not only the weekend episodes, the weekday episodes are also seeing decent numbers. It is close to 2.2 on week days in the urban section. Overall, it is apparently around 1.9 on an average counting rural and urban markets. This is indeed amazing considering the late timing of the show and rather risque nature of content.
People want to see fights and controversies on Bigg Boss and this season has that in plenty. The casting team has picked up a bunch of rather volatile contestants who can throw a fit within minutes and are also not very socially sensitive as people. We have seen homophobia, slut-shaming, body-shaming, racist attack and what not. It is unsure if the celebs really don’t understand that such things are not considered as cool or they might be distanced from social media. If one talks about TRPs, one must credit the hot chilly of the house, Arshi Khan. The video content creator who mouths Awaam Sab Dekh Rahi Hai is not only a dangerous player but knows how to get footage. It is Shilpa Shinde who with her constant bickering with Vikas Gupta gave the show the momentum it needed. Talking about eye candy, it had to be hottie Priyank Sharma who is titled as National Crush of India. The ouster of Priyank in first week brought that shock value that helped in the ratings.
We must also give Hina Khan her due. The TV bahu has shed her genteel image and showed us that she too has claws! The fights with Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan and now Benafsha Soonawalla have proved that she is a mean fighter. Vikas Gupta after being battered from all round rose up like a Phoenix and is now one of the sane members inside the house. Others who are pitching in are Sapna Chaudhary, Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra. Take our poll and let us know which contestant made Bigg Boss 11 a must watch show this season?

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