Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma says friendship with Hina Khan will continue

Priyank Sharma is out of the Bigg Boss 11 house and is full of gratitude. The Delhi guy brought in the New Year spending time with his loved ones. Post that, he has been busy giving interviews and catching up with his friends. In an EXCLUSIVE chat with Bollywood Life, Priyank said, “Ghar main rehna bahut mushkil hai. The feedback has been amazing. It is beautiful. It was a great journey in my process as an artiste.” Days before being evicted, Priyank met his mom and it was the most emotional reunion in the Bigg Boss 11 house. We saw how he shed buckets apologizing for his wrong behaviour. “Well, my mom is very quiet. However, I have been brought up with her values and felt the need to apologise for the instances where I went wrong. I admit that I lost my cool in the circumstances. A lot of people loved my mom inside the house. They found her damn cute. She is a very genuine person and all heart,” he says.
Elaborating further, he says, “I really needed to see my mom at that stage. She is like a typical Punjabi mom who is only worried if her kid has eaten or not. For her, we all were kids. I know I have made mistakes on the show. And like every child, I am somewhere scared of my parents. I am sure that every person will identify with me that no matter how big we are, by age or stature, we do feel scared when we know we might have hurt our parents. That feeling will never change.”

There were many who felt that Divya Aggarwal’s rather dramatic entry in the house dented Priyank’s image and was responsible for his early ouster. What does he feel about it? “I shouldn’t be saying this but kahin na kahin I was expecting that my mom would come to meet me instead of her. I really respect Divya and don’t have any hatred for her. I wish her well in life. But at that point, I wanted someone to motivate me. If mom came, I would have felt lighter as I was going through a lot of emotions. Divya’s entry was kind of demotivating in that sense but then that’s life.”
Priyank also opened up on his close friend Hina Khan with whom he had a showdown after she bullied Vikas Gupta (the way Vikas dressed up!). The actress was not talking with him for a while but broke down badly when he was eliminated. “Yeah, we will surely be friends. I am supporting Vikas and Hina. I feel fights should happen between close friends. Definitely, show ke bahar dosti continue karegi,” he said. We also asked Priyank about how Hina Khan was being trolled by many of her colleagues on Twitter for her statements inside the house. “I think Hina is very straightforward. She is bahut zyada straightforward. She is one girl who owes upto her mistakes. Woh mujhe bahut pasand hai. There are very few people like Hina in this world. Now, people have different preferences about contestants’ behaviour. Everyone has made mistakes inside the house and improved as people. Guys, let us keep it positive. Trust me, staying inside the house is not easy. We lose control, fights happen,” explains Priyank.

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