And this is quite surprising considering both Rohan and Lokesh are quite fond of each other, or can we say were?
Atmosphere inside the Bigg Boss house is changing by every passing day. During the recent luxury budget task, a MASSIVE fight ensued between Rohan Mehra and Manveer Gurjar. The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame got into yet another argument and and quite surprisingly it was with Lokesh Kumari Sharma. Now we know how Rohan Mehra and Lokesh Kumari Sharma are quite fond of each other, so it came as a shock when they got into a tussle. But how did it all start? Well, here’s what happened:

It was time for Bani J’s captaincy to come to an end. So Bigg Boss announced the captaincy tasks. The first task happened between Lopamudra Raut and Karan Mehra, Rohan and Rahul Dev were the contenders for the second task, in which both the contestants were asked to choose one supporter each (Rohan chose Gaurav, while Rahul choses Lopa), who will drape the sheet on the opposite team. Both of them were draped with cellophane sheets from shoulder to below the knees. While lying on their backs, the two had to race in whichever way either crawling or jumping etc to reach the finish point. The contestant who reaches the finishing line first and successfully stands will win the task.
Lopa and Rohan won their respective tasks, after which the housemates were asked to vote and select the new captain between Lopa and Rohan. Rohan got the maximum votes and was elected as the captain of this week.

As a captain, he then started shuffling the household work of every housemate. He shifted Lokesh’s bed. This didn’t go down well with her, after which she burst into anger and started yelling at Rohan. People are starting to change inside the house, we must say.

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