Mona Lisa’s fiance, Vikrant Singh Rajpoot, is clearly not happy with her closeness with Manu Punjabi.
If there’s someone who is not happy with Mona Lisa aka Antara Biswas’ strategy to survive in the Bigg Boss 10 house, it is her fiance Vikrant Singh Rajpoot. The two are engaged to be married but the actor is now having second thoughts about being with the actress. Vikrant is clearly pissed with Mona Lisa’s closeness to Manu Punjabi, who is also engaged to another girl. We had earlier reported how Vikrant had warned the actress about playing it dirty inside the house before she got in the game. But seems like there is trouble in paradise for Mona Lisa without her even realising it. We wonder if Salman Khan will bring this up during this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar.

BollywoodLife got in touch with Mona Lisa’s fiance to talk about the birthday surprise that Manu had planned for Mona Lisa in the house. He said, “The makers called me and asked to come to the house on her birthday, which was on November 21. I was happy that they called me, but I refused. I can’t go in there and pretend to be be happy, which I am clearly not. Manu’s fiance might be happy with how he is playing the game, I am not. I wouldn’t want my girlfriend to play the game like this. More than all of this, I didn’t want to create a controversy by going there.” That is one angry fiance!

We wonder how Mona Lisa will react to this when she finds out. The actress is really looking forward to getting married to Vikrant and her friendship with Manu had been hyped by Om Swami, too. Though the two have clarified time and again that they are nothing more than friends, a lot of people including contestants inside the house have been putting a label on them. Will Mona Lisa’s closeness with Manu Punjabi create a rift in her personal life? Vikrant also expressed his doubts in marrying her now.

He further adds,” I was very sure that the two of us will get married, but now I have my doubts. And I can tell you that Mona is very much aware of the fact that I am not liking what she is doing with Manu. And she must be under this impression that I will understand her intentions, but I am a bit upset and will sort out things with her once she is out of the house.” We wonder how the two will sort it out after getting out of the house. Stay hooked with us to find out

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