We’re used to seeing Bella Thorne with strawberry blonde, reddish hair, but this is a whole new look! Her sleek and straight hair is now orange and green! See her makeover below!

Woah! Bella Thorne showed off her orange and green hair on her Snapchat on Nov. 15. The roots through the mid-lengths are a bright orange, while her ends are neon green! What do you think of this major hair makeover?

Bella snapped the process, from the dye to the finished product. Once her hair was done, she showed it off with a sleek and straight style.
We love that Bella takes beauty risks and is so open about trying new things.

Bella isn’t perfect and she isn’t afraid to share her struggles, particularly with acne, on her social media channels. She told Refinery 29:

“For so long, I was told acne is such a bad thing and that directors can’t hire me, because they’re all just looking at my skin, which is not true. I was seeing girls on Twitter struggling with it, too, and I just wanted to help them, you know? I don’t really know that what I’m doing for my skin is that right, and I am not sure that it will work for anybody else, but if I can just help one person, that’s what I am put on the earth to do. That’s why I have come out about it.”

She continued: “[At one point] I was just riddled with acne…I had to go on Accutane for almost two years, which was definitely one of the times that I have been the most depressed. It’s a journey. I literally just tweeted how I don’t have a breakout, then I got a breakout. I jinxed myself!”

“The thing about being in the position I am is that my face is, in a way, half my career; so, it’s like it has to look a certain way all the time. Then, I thought, Why?! Why does it have to look that way all the time? So, I have been going out without makeup and rocking my natural scars and breakouts and whatever else.”


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