Amber Rose is the latest social media star to get her own makeup line, but her first launch is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. As the face behind Flirt Cosmetics, Amber just solved all of your false eyelash struggles with one tiny tool. Get the details, ahead!

If you’re obsessed with the lengthened lash look (which, really, aren’t we all?), listen up. Amber Rose, 32, just teamed up with a brand new makeup line, Flirt Cosmetics, launching a first-of-its-kind applicator for creating every lash look you can dream up.

For anyone who finds using traditional false lash strips practically impossible, and eyelash extensions way too costly and time-consuming, Flirt Flashes will be your new BFF. Shaped like a Wite-Out tape dispenser (but much cuter thanks to its cool illustrations by Donald Robertson), Flashes dispenses individual false lash buds right along your lashline.

The lash gun comes stocked with 44 lash buds, and makes it easy to apply just a few falsies for a more natural effect or a whole set of faux lashes for a more dramatic moment. All you have to do is click the pen to bring the lash strip to the top, swipe some lash glue across the band and easily drop the falsies onto your lashline. There’s even a how-to video, below, showing the fuss-free application.

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