In an EXCLUSIVE interview with BollywoodLife, Akshay Kumar extensively spoke about his upcoming project Toilet – Ek Prem Katha and the importance of toilets in the country.
In an EXCLUSIVE interview , Akshay Kumar extensively spoke about his upcoming project Toilet – Ek Prem Katha and the importance of toilets in the country. More than building toilets, he wants to promote using the same. He stated that despite having all the amenities provided by the government, often they aren’t used in the best ways by the public. Throughout our interview, as we spoke to the actor, he seemed extremely passionate when he spoke about this project. He also admitted that he is quite enthusiastic when it comes to the films he believes strongly in. Perhaps that’s why most of our conversation revolved around the same.

He said, “I’m doing a film called Toilet. I feel very strongly about it, about women. Because I met few of the women in India, who have no other choice than to go to fields for open defecation. They go there and so much of problems happen. 54 percent of India doesn’t have toilets. They all go in the fields. Not that they don’t have the money or government is not giving them. Government makes it for them but the whole belief is that they would defecate outside and feel more contempt. That’s the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard but that is the belief they have. And in that, women go through a lot. That is why I felt like making this film.”

Akshay further added, “When I heard about the real story of how a women, stood by her ground. She got married to a guy and she realised that he doesn’t have a Toilet at his place. And she asks for a divorce. For just one Toilet. Just one Toilet and I think that woman is unbelievable for standing her ground. It’s not about the toilet, it’s about the shame you go through. I was reading somewhere, if open defecation stops completely in India, 30 percent of rape cases would come down. Because when they go in the fields and all, men are waiting there. This is what happens. It’s a very serious offence. A very serious thing. But I’ve made the whole story in a funny way. I’ve not made it into a preachy thing.”

It surprised us to learn how the actor made some accurate statistical references during our chat. The fact that he was actually calling out numbers to explain his point shows how much he has researched regarding this topic. Considering how the film clashes with Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming next with Imtiaz Ali, Akshay also divulged on his opinion about the clash. The excerpt of which, you can check out in the link pasted above. Surely with this driven attitude of the actor, we’re convinced that the film is going to be really good.

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