OMG so chilling! AMC has released a scary new trailer for ‘The Walking Dead’ featuring super villain Negan, and it’s clear this character is going to totally shake up the show. He warns that ‘Things have changed,’ along with more menacing messages about what’s to come for Rick’s group of survivors.
“There are rules,” Negan warns in the opening shot as we see him in his leather jacket with his baseball bat of death Lucille over his right shoulder. “You earn what you take,” he continues in the voiceover, as we see his group of Saviors bow down to him. Then we get a terrifying flashback to the last shot of season six, where he was bringing Lucille down on the head of one of Rick’s group of survivors, reminding us what a heartless killing machine Negan is. “You should know, this is the only way,” he sneers menacingly.

“Things have changed,” Negan continues. “Whatever you had going for you, that’s over.” We get a scary montage of angry zombies, gun battles, car chases and bloody fistfights, but on an uplifting note we finally get to see Morgan and Carol — YAY! — who weren’t with the original group that Negan and the Saviors captured. “The thing is, I am everywhere,” he warns in the final shot, obviously to someone in Rick’s group, though we can’t see who it is so we’re left guessing as to who he’s delivering the chilling message to.

While seeing gun-toting Morgan and roughed up Carol is a welcome reminder of our beloved cast, the one thing the trailer fails to do is give us any hints whatsoever as to who Negan will slaughter as season seven finally arrives Oct. 23. The show is SO GOOD about keeping any spoilers from getting out, and they went so far as to shoot death scenes with all of the captured cast members so that no leaks could occur about who is the unlucky victim.

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