Vir Das advice to new comers will leave them stunned..
Vir Das’ latest statement in our exclusive interview left us stumped. Now in B-town casting couch is a debatable topic and our actors keep themselves away from this discussion. Only few dare to talk about it. And one of them is Vir Das. The actor is also known for his stand up comedies, he is one hilarious person and we are sure you guys will agree with us. Recently we met him as his short film Raakh gained a lot of popularity and we spoke at length with him. We asked him what advice he would like to give the young aspiring actors. And his answer left us stunned for a while. He said, “Just sleep with the right people, makes it much easier than there is no struggle at all”. Yes. We told him he has given us a debatable topic, to which he replied, “Please go an debate it by yourself. I was cracking a joke”. Smart enough Vir!

A few days back Sonam Kapoor gave some startling statements as well. She said that she didn’t have sex with her co stars and so she shares a good chemistry with them. She gave this explosive answer in #No Filter Neha audio show, “I am single, and have never dated any co-star… They are incredible but I don’t want to talk about movies all the time. Also I have never been attracted to my co-stars. That’s why I have such a good chemistry with them because I never had sex with them.”

After Sonam, Vir making this comment has really made us think what goes on in their head while making such statements.

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