Ahead of Tiger Zinda Hai, Salman also reveals how he respects the verdict of his fans and that their word is final. Read an excerpt from our exclusive interview…
Salman Khan is busy promoting Tiger Zinda Hai at Mehboob studios, Bandra. Despite a persistent throat problem Salman is ensuring that he meets every media person and gives them his undivided attention. While he’s promoting a film that everyone is already declaring a bonafide hit – Tiger Zinda Hai, the actor is coming back off his last release getting a lukewarm response at the box office. Tubelight was a disappointment for not just his fans but Salman too seemed to have taken the verdict of his faithful admirers to heart.
In a year that proved both star power and content (Judwaa 2 and Shubh Mangal Savadhan) are trump cards for the industry, Salman has his own take on lessons learnt in 2017. In an exclusive chat with BollywoodLife he says, “Today you can’t say if Salman Khan comes and stands on the screen the film will work!My take home lesson is when people want to see me as a hero I just need to keep playing the hero. So for example Tubelight is an amazing film to watch on television but on screen and especially on a festive date it could be Eid or Diwali or it could be Christmas you need to come up with a celebration. You need to have that excitement of people going in because these are all happy people, they want to be in that festive mood so when they come out of the theater they have to be twice as charged. So I think for Tubelight both the aspects were there that don’t miss the Eid date, numbers are going to be high. But I was not in favour of Eid because it is a beautiful emotional film, when you watch it on television and not on a festive date it is phenomenal. When you go with a mindset that three hours we want to enjoy and suddenly you are finding moments where you are crying that was a problem. But now when it has come on television I am getting calls. I knew that was a problem with the release date. Tubelight was a sweet emotional beautiful film but the audience wanted to go and see Salman Khan as Radhe.”
Salman spoke about how he respects the verdict of his fans and their word is final. Salman also added that he’s spending a lot of time on getting the right script before saying yes to a film. One of the reasons why he agreed to do Tiger Zinda Hai is also because it didn’t seem like a sequel worth doing just for the sake of it.

Salman says, “The most important thing is that making a sequel just for the sake of making a sequel as a proposal, you do not have your script, it doesn’t work at all. I wanted to do Wanted. Title and all everything was registered, there is no good script. After Dabangg 2 it has taken us so much time to work on Dabangg 3.”

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