Sanjay Dutt is making things very difficult for the biopic to be made on him which stars Ranbir Kapoor

The actor has become the biggest roadblock…
When Rajkumar Hirani announced that Ranbir Kapoor will play Sanjay Dutt in the latter’s biopic, we knew nobody else could have done it better. The young actor has the face and charm to be Dutt who was known to be quite the heartthrob in his hey days. In fact recently in an interview with a senior journalist, Ranbir spoke excitedly about the film which only sweetened our wait for the film. But now we hear the very reason this film is getting made has become the biggest roadblock. Sanjay Dutt is creating issues for the biopic which might lead to the film getting postponed.

According to a source, Sanjay Dutt wants profit sharing in this project since it is his story. There are reports that the actor is having second thoughts about letting Hirani project his life on silver screen. He feels he has said more than what was supposed to be said and now he apparently fears, a lot will be revealed on screen. He thus wanted Hirani to not go ahead with the project and rework on the script instead. That delayed the film further.

Also, rumour has it that Sanjay wanted to return to the big screen with a bang and what better than the revival of the Munnabhai series. He was very excited about it and wanted it to be his first film post his release from jail. But with his biopic underway, Hirani had pushed the third film in the series ahead which hasn’t set in well with Sanjay. He is thus upset with the director for giving more importance to his biopic rather than his comeback.

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