Unlike every year, Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 11 will be aired from September this year…
The Bigg Boss season is back and Salman Khan is set to host the show once again. However, there is a twist! Not only in the concept, but also the months in which the show is going to be aired. According to a report in DNA After Hrs, Bigg Boss 11 has been preponed this year. Unlike other seasons, the show will start airing from September, instead of October and will go on till December end or January first week. This means, Bigg Boss 11 might be longer than usual. And to kick start the show, Salman Khan, who is currently in Morocco, is flying down to shoot for the promo videos on July 30.

As a source revealed to DNA After Hrs, “Salman Khan will be shooting for the promos this Sunday (July 30). He is flying down from Morocco especially for this shoot. It will have a whole new theme, which will be unveiled with the first promo soon. This time, the channel might start with the show earlier than other years. So, it will mostly air in September, instead of October.”

Earlier, rumours were doing the rounds t hat Salman would not be hosting Bigg Boss this season. He considered leaving the show after several run ins with the commoners last year, however Raj Nayak clarified everything when he tweeted and announced that Salman would be hosting Bigg Boss 11. Once again, we will see celebrities and common people enter the infamous house. But from what we hear, not only will there be a twist in the theme, but family members of a couple of celebrities and common people will also be a part of the show. Interesting na?

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