WOW, the new girl Justin Bieber’s been hanging out with in Hawaii is BEYOND gorgeous! Sahara Ray is a stunning designer/model, and you can check out all her hottest picture right here. It’s no wonder Justin seems so infatuated with her!

Justin Bieber, 22, is one lucky guy — he’s been hanging out with Sahara Ray in Hawaii all week long, and she’s SO beautiful. The blonde bombshell is the creative director for a bathing suit line, so she’s often posing in a bikini and sharing the results on Instagram, and it’s almost too hot to handle! Also, can we talk about how envious we are of how often she seems to be spending time in a tropical location for these photo shoots? This girl is living the dream!

Sahara isn’t shy about posing topless on her social media page and showing off her incredible figure, but she always manages to do it in a totally classy way, too. Although her shots are sometimes suggestive, she can totally pull it off, and it’s no secret why the Biebs would be interested in her.

Justin has been vacationing in Hawaii with his friend Cedric, Sahara, and a group of other pretty models, and he’s made it clear on social media that he’s enjoying the view of the gorgeous gals around him. He must really be into Sahara, too, because he was even photographed wading in the tropical water with her while completely naked.

It’s still not clear how Justin and Sahara met, although Cedric is a designer, so it’s possible he brought the 22-year-old along for a trip with her and others in the industry. Either way, he seems to be having a great time!

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