We know a hint when we see one! Porsha gave fans a huge clue about the name of her baby with her latest Insta caption. See for yourself!

Does this mean what we think it means? Porsha Williams, 37, was out in Las Vegas with friends when she shared a couple baby bump shots on Instagram — and revealed something BIG in the process. “DJ or PJ was showing out in Vegas,” she captioned a photo of her stunning in a black dress with lace cutouts. Fans couldn’t help but think she was hinting at the name of her little one? Considering her name is Porsha and her boyfriend’s is Dennis McKinley, it’s very possible they’ll be naming their firstborn after themselves depending on the sex! How cute would that be? Now we just need to figure out what the J stands for… Guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.

But her baby’s name isn’t the only secret Porsha may have revealed on social media! When she commented on a post by Ming Lee featuring a few little girls getting their hair done at a sex reveal party earlier this week, the reality star wrote, “Omg I wish my baby was out !! I would have her right there getting done up lol.” While it’s hard to tell if she was just fantasizing about having a girl or accidentally admitting that she’s pregnant with a little lady, it’s hard not to get excited by that. Fans really want her to have a girl, after all! “You being the diva, you need a baby diva,” one wrote.

True to form, Porsha was absolutely glowing on her Vegas trip. She makes pregnancy look perfect! The soon-to-be mom didn’t just post a solo pic showing off her bump, but another with her friend Shamea Morton who’s got a baby belly of her own.

porsha williams baby name hint

“Bumping with my boo in Vegas! ‘Momma gotta have a life too’ #BumpMate,” Porsha wrote. Aw! It’s so cute that she gets to share this experience with a close friend.

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