There he is: Orlando Bloom, in his completely naked glory. The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star was the sexiest pirate captain ever when he took Katy Perry on a nude paddle board trip in Italy. These new pictures are amazing — and totally NSFW. Click to see.

So, everyone now knows what exactly makes Katy Perry, 31, “Roar,” thanks to the pictures of a nude Orlando Bloom, 39. It seemed that the Lord Of The Rings star wanted to avoid getting any tan lines while vacationing on an Italian beach on Aug. 2, leaving his clothes behind as he and Katy went out on a sexy ride. Orlando was certainly excited after his nude paddle boarding adventure — if you know what we mean.

The first glimpse of Orlando in “complete bloom” appeared on Aug. 3, but his penis was completely censored. The disappointment rang throughout the Internet. Fans were hungry to find out what Orlando was packing underneath the big black box. Hopefully, the wait was worth it.

While Orlando was comfortable with wearing nothing but a smile (and a hat and some sunglasses), Katy comfortably kept herself covered. She doesn’t share Orlando’s enthusiasm for nudity. The “Rise” singer is “a lot more shy when it comes to her body,” Orlando has been trying to talk Katy into getting naked by giving her compliments and reminding her that she has a smoking hot body.

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