Ryan Coogler, the Bay Area director whom many thought was snubbed by Oscar voters for “Creed,” has turned down an Academy invitation to join the Motion Picture Academy as a voting member.

The lack of diversity in last year’s major acting categories – for the second year in a row – led to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy and prompted the Academy to shake up its membership in June and invite 683 new members, many of whom would help diversify the voting field.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Oakland native Coogler hasn’t responded to his invite, and isn’t planning to, according to sources.

The website reported it’s possible Coogler isn’t making a statement as much as he’s just not interested in judging other people’s work, like Woody Allen and Sean Penn, who have also declined to join the Academy.

Coogler’s reps reportedly declined the Hollywood Reporter’s request for comment.

Coogler’s next movie is Marvel’s “Black Panther.”

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