We all know that the original Tum Bin released a way back and it was clashing with Amitabh Bachchan’s Aks. Makers were skeptical that the movie might not work but it was a surprising hit. So what was the real reason behind this success, Neha Sharma and her co-stars from Tum Bin 2 answer this question….
Tum Bin 2 hits the screens tomorrow and we are sure the star cast, Neha Sharma, Aditya Seal and Aashim Gulati must be anxious about its outcome. When Bollywoodlife met up with them, they were warm, confident and anxious at the same time, hoping that their film gets as much love as the original. We had a candid chat with them and it was one well spent afternoon. Here are the few questions which they answered in the coolest manner and some of the answers did shock us. Take a look at them below…..

Q Shraddha Kapoor said that she wanted to be a part of Rock On’s sequel always, was it the same with you guys?

Aditya: To be honest, I didn’t see the movie back then but if I had seen it, yes, definitely.

Neha: Anubhav gave me the DVD of this original movie but I didn’t see it. It was intentional since I wanted my character to be real and not get influenced by Sandali’s in any way. So whatever I have done is extremely fresh and new. My character is totally different from the original one.

Q Tum Bin was a surprise hit – do you agree?

Aashim: Tum Bin was clashing with Amitabh Bachchan’s Aks at that time. So obviously everyone thought that the movie will get affected. But then when people went ahead and saw it on big screen, they loved it. Which is why it worked and eventually became successful than Aks.

Neha: I think Tum Bin had a strong word of mouth. The viewers who saw it, loved it all. And because Tum Bin worked at the box office, Aks couldn’t.

Q What about Anubhav Sinha? Was he a task master?

Aashim: At times when he decides to be, yes but otherwise he was more of a friend. It was great working with him and he made it quite easy for us on the sets.

Neha: Out of all the directors that I have worked with, Anubhav is a task master. He’s a disciplinarian. He doesn’t like joking around while filming which is exactly opposite to what I think. But again that’s the way he works and he believes in it so it’s ok.

Aditya: He was normally chilled out but there were times which were difficult. We were shooting at zero degrees but he was like you cannot feel cold. So such situations were a bit tough.

Q Aditya, your first movie didn’t do well, so were you choosy while selecting the second one?

Yes, of course I was choosy. Being an outsider, I didn’t know if I would get multiple chances to prove myself. After the failure of the first one, I had to assure viewers in some or the other way to come and watch me on big screen again. I wanted a big director or a big production house for my next. Luckily with Tum Bin 2, I got all of it.

Q What do you have to say about your movie clashing with Force 2?

Neha: John is a dear friend. I have worked with him and I wish him all the best for Force 2. I want both our films to do well. Both the movies belong to different genres. Both are family entertainers so I wish good luck to both of us.

Q Do you think, it’s difficult for non industry people to enter this industry?

Neha: It is difficult. I will lie if I say it is easy for an outsider to get a break. We are very fortunate to have received this chance since there are thousands of people who come to Mumbai everyday and not everyone succeeds and lived their dream.

Aditya: I will say, it’s difficult for an outsider to get a break. But for the industry kids, it’s even more difficult to survive. They get their big break easily but they have to prove themselves time and again.

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